Custom Christmas Light display installation for your home or business

Rain Guard, a premier installer of seamless gutter systems in Oklahoma


Rain Guard will provide a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experienced technicians to go over every aspect of your outdoor Holiday lighting display.  From different colors, to different styles and different “packages”, Rain Guard’s technician will cover it all with you at your home or business!  Let our technicians design a custom fun and colorful display for the outside of your home or business!



We install high-quality commercial wiring and energy-efficient LED lights in a wide range of color options.  Each outdoor display is customized for the specific measurements of your home or business!



Rain Guard takes all the worry and hassle out of installing Christmas lights at your home or business.  Rain Guard’s employees are accustomed to working around gutter systems and rooflines and have the right equipment to complete your custom light display!  All we need from you is an outdoor power source or an extension cord brought to the area of display and Rain Guard will complete the rest.  Most installations take place in less than a day and your beautiful light display will be tested, timer’s set, initial adjustments made and lights ready to go before the installation crew leaves your home. No nails or permanent modifications are made to your home or business!


The Rain Guard team will maintain your Holiday Light Display throughout the Holiday Season.  If you have a light that goes out, simply call Rain Guard and one of technicians will be out to replace it.  We don’t want any part of your Christmas Light Display to be a burden on you during the Holidays – let us maintain your display!



After the Holidays are over, our team will be out to professionally pack up your Christmas light display and will store them in one of our facilities where they will be kept clean and dry until you are ready for your discounted installation next year!  All lights and wiring remain the property of Rain Guard.





Let Rain Guard, a trusted name in Oklahoma for over 35 years provide you with years of enjoyment with a custom designed professional Christmas Light display.


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